The Secret to Customer Retention

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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If you design your phone system to make it easy for your customers to buy from you and easy for them to pay what they owe you it’s a Win-Win.


Have an annoying auto attendant. Nobody cares that your options have changed. If you keep the choices simple and make it easy to reach the receptionist, you’ll keep them calling back.

Nosey receptionist ie. “Who’s calling?” “What’s this in reference to?” “Is he expecting your call?” Nobody wants unsolicited calls but why anger your revenue stream?

A voice mail recording that gives no information; such as “I’m either on the phone or away from my desk, leave a message at the tone.” Give them a choice, “For help dial 215 and ask for Samantha.” or “To reach me by cell phone press 5.”‘ Voice mails do not solve problems people do. The sooner you send this caller to a live person, the sooner the problem is resolved.

Having your phone ring until the customer hangs up or your co-workers unplug it.


Give us a call and we’ll share a plethora of ideas based on your company’s size, type of business and business philosophy. Call us at 815-282-5151. Operators, not an auto attendant, are standing by. If you’d like to reach me by cell dial 815-979-6144.


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