You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
John Wooden
We all want to be successful, well paid, respected in our field. We’re told that if we work hard and study hard that everything will fall into place. While this is certainly true, much more satisfaction can be gained by doing something for nothing.
It may be giving your neighbor a ride while his car’s in the shop or a longer term commitment such as volunteering to be a scout leader or coaching 2nd grade girls’ soccer.
I have learned to appreciate free advice given by those who are experts in their field. I love listening to accountants talk about tax law, financial advisors speak of the stock market. To me, knowing the big picture is needed to figure out the day-to-day minutiae.
In my field, I believe it’s imperative to educate without selling. It could be anything like how to design your own “message on hold” source for $25 or why cable modems may be a good idea for streaming movies but not the best choice for mission critical voice calls. Everybody wants to make a sale but sharing your knowledge and experience just might make the perfect day.

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