5 Things I’ve Discovered Writing This Blog

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After about 3 months of being an amateur blogger I’ve learned a thing or two. I may not be a veteran but I’ve read some of the million or so blog posts published daily. I’ve picked up a few ideas of what not to do. These are my goals in what has a become a weekly ritual:

1. Be Interesting. If you can’t hold their attention past 9 seconds, the amount of time it takes a mind to wander, you’ve lost them.

2. Keep it Brief. Your reader’s time is precious; don’t waste it.

3. Add Value. Your blog must mean something to them. Are they smarter, richer or happier than they were prior to reading your blog?

4. Don’t Sell Overtly. If you can add value and the reader sees a need in your product or service. Both of you have profited.

5. Add Humor. If you can entertain your audience, you have a little more leeway when you’re lacking in content.

Hopefully, I am living up to my commitment. If not, thanks for the 9 seconds.


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