Some say we do it for the glory. Others say that we do it for the money. Truth be told, if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living it will take an awful lot of glory and money to keep you happy. In this economy, these are in short supply.

When it comes to personality types, I’m blessed (or perhaps cursed) with an eclectic mix of analytical and entrepreneurial traits.

The analytical side likes the technology, the evolution, the wow factors of what can be done and what’s coming down the pike. The entrepreneurial side pushes me to temper the technology so it makes business sense. If technology can not increase customer retention, improve a process or add to the bottom line, there is not much of an argument for its implementation. Introducing new technology for its own sake is a risk not worth taking. Too many in my field get excited for the wow factor but can’t turn that excitement to increase the customer’s bottom line.

So if you think  what I do can benefit what your company needs to do, give me a call at 815-282-5151 or click here and let’s take the first step.


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