We’ve come a long way since I started in this business. Those were the days of the fat 25 pair cable connected to telephone sets, the red hold button and 5 keys for up to 4 lines and an intercom button. Answer a call, put it on hold, intercom the station and tell them which line to pick up; it was usually the only line flashing. Those were the days. Illinois Bell rented you a phone system, provided dial tone, long distance and repair service.

Why did Uncle Sam wreck such a sweet deal? Other than driving costs down dramatically, exponentially improving the technology and creating a multi billion dollar industry, who knows.

Now that it’s our and not the telephone company’s responsibility to design and implement a telephone system where do we start? We can study technologies and learn about Voice over IP, SIP, Hosted Service, unified communications and the like or we can look at the situation logically.

What’s important to your business, your customers and your bottom line? Is it technology? I think not. Technology is a tool to achieve what’s important to you. Technology for technology’s sake can be a waste of time and money.

What is important is:

  • Improving my bottom line
  • Increasing customer retention not just customer service
  • Improving a process
  • Increasing sales without increasing customers; getting more profit from each customer or each customer visit
  • Making it easier for my customers to pay me
  • Making life easier for my employees which will affect employee retention

When you start to process of upgrading or replacing your telephone system make a list of things in general that may be addressed with the new technology. Keep in mind the business issues and let the technology address them, not the other way around.

  1. councilblogs says:

    How heavy was the handset in the old days?

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