Staying in Touch with 50 Offsite Employees

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This is a story of a customer who wanted to purchase phone systems for her organization. They were a non-profit which provided audiologists to the local public school districts. You had your office staff but you also had fifty technicians working in the field. Here’s the problem as we saw it:

  • The off-site employees needed to receive calls but not initiate calls
  • Calls were directed to them specifically. Since they dealt with scheduling, a receptionist would be of little help.
  • Employees needed to be notified in a timely manner but not necessarily immediately
  • Since they were a non-profit, the solution needed to be cost effective

After some brainstorming we decided that the best solution would to have DID, Direct in Dial numbers, ring to notification only voice mailboxes assigned to each offsite employee. The DID number would use the organization’s bank of telephone lines and give each off-site employee its specific ten digit telephone number. This satisfied the cost effective requirement as well as need to have calls be directed specifically to each employee. When a caller left a message in the notification only mailbox, the call processor would call the employee’s cell phone, prompt them to enter a security code and play the caller’s message. The employee could then return the call when their schedule allowed.

The result was a more productive customer with a staff responsive to it’s clients’ needs. They used technology to improve customer retention without adding headcount and that’s the moral to this story.


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