The Most Important Thing I Discovered When Bidding Telephone Systems

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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When I started in this business selling was simpler. My prospects were renting phone systems from Illinois Bell. If you could finance a new system for less than their monthly rental payment, the sale was easy to close.

The next phase was the “feature wars.” Whoever had the most speed dial numbers had the advantage.

The days of “how many outside lines and how many phones do you need” is thankfully behind us. Today just mentioning the system features and how they would benefit a potential customer is not adding value. You need find out how a business interfaces with their customers; existing and potential. With that information you must design an application specific to your client’s needs prior to generating a bid. If you just list viable applications and decide how they will be implemented  after the contract is signed, you are leaving yourself wide open to the “What do you mean it doesn’t do that?” and the “That’s not I way you told me” conversations.

I’ve discovered that the secret to building a loyal and satisfied customer base is to do the detailed design work prior to providing a cost. As my hero Dr. Einstein might have said, “It’s not rocket science.”


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