A Quick Way to Have Calls Answered During a Power Outage

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Phone systems are like computers. If they don’t have power they won’t work. During a power outage customers trying to contact your business will hear continual ringing and may draw the conclusion that you are very busy or very bankrupt.

Whether you have a receptionist or an automated attendant answering your callers, the solution is simple; an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) or full battery back up.

A UPS is very flexible. Since it usually has four or more AC outlets, you can use it to power your data equipment as well as your telecom gear. Its drawback is that its run time is usually under an hour. That’s fine for shorter power outages.

A full battery back up is designed specifically for your telephone and call processing equipment. Its major benefit is that it can power up a system for many hours and in some cases even days.  It will also recharge itself when the power comes back on line.

Some systems are designed specifically to benefit from the less expensive battery back-up. Toshiba systems, for example, are designed to use 24 Volt DC power. Two 12V batteries will do the trick. The more amp/hours per battery, the longer your system will be operational when Mother Nature shows you who’s in change.


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