It’s Almost 2012; Let’s Set Some Goals!

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A goal is no more than a desired result. In your business, goal setting involves nothing more than establishing specific, measurable, realistic objectives.

With technology changing rapidly and the economy in a slow and uncertain recovery, what goals should be set concerning technology and how it affects your company?

After some years in the business, I have a few suggestions I’d like to share. Only implement technologies which:

  • Increase customer retention. Make it easier for your customers to give you their money.
  • Add to your bottom line; save money
  • Enhance an internal process; make things easier
  • Improve moral; employee retention

If the technology to be implemented requires adding headcount, take this into consideration to see if the return on investment exists.

This sounds like a rather simplistic approach but let’s dig a little deeper. Have you ever implemented a complex software program that your employees could not understand and aggravated your customers? Have you ever purchased technology for your company just because you personally liked it? It’s easy to do. Don’t fret. 2012 is upon us. Time for rebirth and renewal. We know what to do and how to do it. Let’s make this the new years resolution that stays with us long after the uncertainty of 2011 is but a distant memory.

If you and your company would benefit from a technology design based on your new goals, give us a call. Our design will be specific to how you do business and your customers expectations. Our goal is helping you to achieve yours.


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