It’s a Wonderful Life!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We’ve all seen this movie a million times. We have our favorite characters; our favorite scenes. My favorite is when George Bailey and Clarence are given the choice; “out the door or out the window!”

At this time of year it’s natural to wax nostalgically. With that in mind let’s not think back like George Bailey and decide how life would be different if we never lived. Instead let’s decide how we have enhanced those around us because we have lived.

We have been blessed with family. Is this blessing giving us joy or grief? If it’s the latter, what can we do to change it so Christmas is a time of happy memories?  

We have been blessed with health. Have we honored this blessing or taken the attitude that we are not responsible for how we feel?

We have been blessed with the company of others. They may be co-workers, customers or perfect strangers. Do we treat them as we would like to be treated or are we having another “bad day?”

It’s Christmastime, the happiest time of the year. Soon 2012 will be upon us with hope, anticipation and endless optimism. Don’t dread this time of year, embrace it. There are those around you, seen and unseen, who depend on you. It really is a wonderful life!


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