Speech Privacy; Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Speech Privacy sometimes referred to as Sound Masking has been around for over 30 years. Prior to that, companies used background music or a noisy HVAC system to do the trick. Anything works if it is loud enough. High quality sound masking systems focus only on the frequencies of human speech. This makes them very effective at lower volumes. The sound produced is engineered to be pleasant, unobtrusive and to easily fade into the background.

Why would your company consider Sound Masking?

  • If it’s too noisy
  • If it’s too quiet
  • To improve speech privacy
  • To keep your conversations from being overheard
  • To be HIPAA compliant

With today’s offices having smaller workstations and open layouts using more reflective surfaces such as glass and brick it is an acoustically challenging environment for companies who increasingly depend on information sharing and collaboration between their staff members.

Some employees thrive in a noisy office while other are easily distracted by something as mundane as a squeaky chair. Other employees will play a radio, much to their co-workers chagrin, to keep it from being too quiet. Sound masking makes everyone happy.

Overheard conversations can be not only distracting but in some industries they’re illegal. Healthcare, law and finance all have confidentiality requirements for their employees. Sound masking is a crucial tool used by those companies to ensure speech privacy.

The equipment installed is a small omni-directional emitter mounted directly into the ceiling. These speakers have a diameter of just over 3 inches. They can be deployed throughout the office or specifically over conference rooms, waiting rooms or private offices. Installation is simple and costs range around $1.50 or less per square foot of coverage.

Select Telecom & Technologies is a proud distributor of the Qt PRO by Cambridge Sound Management, www.csmQt.com. The Qt PRO is next generation audio technology that combines extraordinary audio performance, low impact installation and affordability. Gives us a call today at 815-282-5151 or contact us at  sales@selectteltech.com and we can arrange a site visit and if you’d like, a live demo. You’ll be suprised that what you don’t hear won’t hurt you.


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