Seeing Your World From the Palm of Your Hand

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ever notice that when you watch the footage of a convenience store robbery on the evening news the pictures are always so muddy? There are two reasons for that. The first is that it was recorded by an analog camera sometimes referred to a CCTV, closed circuit television. The other reason is that the camera was probably installed in the 1990’s so the technology is ancient; at least by today’s standards.

Now with Hybrid DVR Technology we have the best of both worlds; the ability to use either analog or IP cameras on the same DVR. Analog cameras are inexpensive and perfect for close range video. IP cameras with their high pixilation are best suited for longer distances which require zooming. IP camera can be equipped with IR sensors for night vision and can be installed wirelessly where connection to a Cat5e cable is difficult. Need a panoramic view? No worries!

With DVR’s being commonplace, the pricing has dropped and storage capacity has increased significantly. You can have a cost effective DVR with anywhere from 20-30 days of video storage with the ability to save videos off-site indefinitely. Storage capacity is tied to the size of the hard drive and how many frames per second you wish to record. If only movement is recorded and you adjust sensitivity you will save disk space. Audio can also be recorded in conjunction with the video. The DVR has separate inputs for microphones which can be either stand alone or built in to the surveillance camera.

Placement of the cameras should be wherever you would like to monitor activity. It could be over a cash register, in the shop or outside covering access points to your building.

Viewing can be done from a monitor attached to the DVR or any device with internet access. Playback is simple. The software can be programmed to show movement only. A scan of after hours activity takes a few minutes. Images from the DVR can be exported as .jpg files for archiving.

If you’re considering video and audio surveillance give us a call at 815-282-5151. If you want to upgrade your current system, your cameras will most likely migrate. Free software is available to your smartphone allowing you to view your facility from anywhere. You really will be seeing your world from the palm of your hand.


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