I like the blog but my interest in telephones is limited. Do you plan on branching out to other areas?

Technically no, but I’d like to believe that the main theme running through the posts are good business practices. Customer retention is key as well as designing your business to make it easy for your customers to buy from you and for them to pay you. That was good advice before the telephone was invented.

I understand Select Telecom is a company that sells telephone equipment as well as is a master agent for network services. I reviewed your website at I’m all for free enterprise but aren’t you just trying to sell us something?

Since I am also for free enterprise, I proudly answer yes! I also understand that I must provide value before I can ask for your business. Hopefully the information and insight provided here will make a potential client contact us for more information on how we can use technology to improve their bottom line. If this concept rings true, contact us a

New technologies are appearing all the time. At what point in the cycle do you suggest that we consider implementing them?

When you understand what the technology specifically does and is convinced that it:

  • Adds to your bottom line without adding headcount. This means if you need to add IT personal to save money, make sure you include that expense in the ROI.
  • Increases customer retention. I use this term in lieu of “customer satisfaction.” Retention can be measured, satisfaction is very subjective.
  • Makes it easier for your customers to deal with you, get their problems solved and to serve their customers.


If you have a question, feel free to leave it and we’ll do our best to respond. Thanks for joining us.

  1. Adriza says:

    well, thank you very much for sharing the great post!!!

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