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kids in classroomWith all the recent media attention on classroom security, many administrators are taking a hard look at what can be done quickly and economically to provide a more secure environment. Being in the telephone system and security business for many years, we have some cost effective solutions tailored primarily to the day care and elementary school segments but can be integrated into most any business application. These are our recommendations to prevent unwanted access to your premises and to react when there is potential for a crisis situation.

  1. Secure the doors. Installing a simple door phone and door lock would require all visitors to identify themselves prior to your allowing them access into your building or suite. The door phones and door lock relays can be independent of the telephone system but some can be integrated with the telephone system. This would allow the visitor to ring certain designated telephones on the system by simply pressing the call button on the door phone. A door lock release button can be programmed on the phone allowing your employees to “buzz them in” simply by pressing that key on their telephone. By adding an inexpensive analog video camera, your employees can get visual recognition of your visitor prior to allowing access. Most analog cameras can be viewed from a dedicated monitor or any computer on your network. 
  2. Provide 2 way communications to all classrooms. This can be accomplished by installing an inexpensive single line digital phone in every classroom. The speaker in the telephone can act as a de facto internal paging system. Besides having the ability to call any classroom individually, every phone has the capability to call all phones to relay an emergency situation. A dedicated key on the phone can be used to access your local E911 center.

Most installations can be done in one day with no disruption to your telephone service. Contact us at or call us at 815-282-5151 for more information.

Select Telecom and Technologies is proud to announce its partnership with Toshiba to market its line of video surveillance equipment. We here at Select Telecom are not new to the industry. We have successful installations with cameras from Pelco, Arecont and Speco as well as Network Video Recorders from Exacq and Aver. Why is the addition of Toshiba noteworthy? The reasons are numerous. Take a look.

  1. Brand Recognition and Superior Corporate Stability. Being in business for 137 years and having $75 Billion in annual revenue have their advantages.
  2. Full Range of Solutions for a Variety of Applications. Toshiba markets IP and analog cameras, DVR’s, software, servers and accessories.
  3. Complete End to End Recording Solutions. The most comprehensive line-up in the industry features forward migration with IP cameras and backward compatibility with analog cameras. 
  4. Total Cost of Ownership Will Not Increase Every Year. There are no upgrade, maintenance or yearly license fees plus unlimited remote users at no charge.
  5. Excellent Service and Support. Advance warranty replacements on defective equipment; no questions asked.
  6. Interoperability. Toshiba cameras work on almost any Network Video Recorder (NVR). Toshiba NVR’s support over 100 brands of IP cameras.
  7. Customized Monitoring Software. MySurvellix provides critical alerts when cameras, hard drives or recorders need attention. We can even tie in with your POS, Point of Sale software.

So if your application requires simple analog cameras or HD 1080p cameras requiring crystal clear resolution, Toshiba and Select Telecom have the solution. Contact us a or call us at 815-282-5151. We’ll be happy to do an on-site survey to discuss your options.

We spoke about cameras in a previous post. Today we are going to talk about the second piece of the surveillance puzzle, the video recorder. This can be a DVR, Digital Video Recorder or NVR, Network Video Recorder. The technical difference is that DVR’s support analog cameras and NVR’s support IP cameras. Regardless of which one you choose, always remember the business issues related to surveillance: Theft Prevention, Avoiding Litigation and Employee Productivity.

Recent technological advances have made video recorders less expensive and have added value such that the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. These advances are:

  1. Hybrid DVR’s: This is an NVR which will accommodate both analog and IP cameras. Combining both types of cameras on a single NVR is very cost effective when the solution warrants such a mix. Choose analog cameras for smaller areas when where objects are always in focus, like the front entrance, and IP cameras for longer focal lengths where you will need to zoom in and not lose resolution.
  2. View Anywhere, Anytime: All DVR’s/NVR’s have an IP address making them accessible from any computer connected to the internet or any smart phone. What’s an improvement is that most manufacturers have a free app for your iPhone or Droid allowing you to view all cameras, view a specific camera, zoom, export images and so on.
  3. NVR Software Enhancements: Like any computer, software enhancements create new applications and benefits. Here are some of the most noteworthy readily available.
    1. Motion Detecting Software. The NVR can be set to record motion only. This saves on hard drive space and makes playback a breeze. You can even designate certain areas as immune to motion detection. For example you may only want to record someone entering your property but want to dismiss street traffic or trees blowing in the wind. When you couple this feature with lower cost for hard drives, a 30 day storage of content can be cost effective.
    2. Alarm Notifications. Any designated event can trigger an e-mail alert to be sent. Let’s say for example you wished to be notified of anyone entering your company’s property after hours. You set the alarm notification to be active from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM and all hours on the weekends. You define movement as 10 seconds continual in a defined area. You create a new e-mail for this notification; e.g. Program your smart phone to play a specific tone when you receive the e-mail. Open your viewer app and see who or what has triggered this event. Call 911 or go back to watching TV as needed.

When technology meets affordability, you have this “tipping point” when that technology starts to be implemented at an accelerated rate. Past examples being the fax machine, personal PC’s and flat screen TV’s. Now is that time for video surveillance. If you’d like to see how we can design a system for you, contact us at or call us at 815-282-5151.

When we think of video surveillance we picture the young punk in the hooded sweatshirt waiting in the shadows for the unsuspecting young professional women to walk to her car. Although it’s true that video surveillance will cut down on parking lot purse snatchings, there are other reasons that businesses, both large and small, are implementing, and in many cases, upgrading their video surveillance systems. There are three main reasons.

  1. Theft Prevention. This is the obvious one. If something is stolen, you want to see who took it, when they took it and where they went. With that information, you can notify authorities and can implement procedures to keep it from recurring.
  2. Litigation. If someone is hurt or injured on your property, you can be sued. Depending on the nature of the incident and your company’s financial health, the settlement could be in the millions of dollars. Video surveillance can monitor the forklift driver, the punch press operator and even the pizza delivery person in your parking lot. If there were an accident you can help determine if it’s your company’s responsibility, someone else’s carelessness or their intent to commit fraud.
  3. Employee Productivity. Monitoring inside your facility will verify shifts starting and ending on time, smoke breaks not running over and may even make the water cooler the last place to hide. If your employees are somewhat feisty in nature, audio surveillance combined with video surveillance in the breakrooms will answer the age old question of who started it. 

The more thought that you give it, the more reasons there are to invest in a video surveillance system. The varieties of cameras are endless; inexpensive analog devices, IP cameras that are never out of focus, 180 degree units, employee recognition at 100 yards, infra-red, wireless; the list goes on.

As for recording and playback, we’ll save that for another day. In the meantime, if you’d like to see how video and audio surveillance can help your company by reducing theft, shielding you from litigation and increasing employee productivity, contact us at or call us at 815-282-5151. We’ll show you how we have helped companies like yours keep an eye on their bottom line.

Well, where do we start; our history? We’ve been around since 1983 selling and servicing small to medium sized businesses in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Our primary products? We’ve been authorized Toshiba Telecom dealers since our inception but we also sell Allworx and hosted IP as telecom products. We are also agents for the major network service providers; AT&T, Comcast, TDS, EarthLink and the list goes on.

Our complimenting products and services? It’s a rather diverse set which includes:

  • Audio and Video Surveillance from a few simple analog (CCTV) cameras and DVR to 20 megapixel, 180 degree IP cameras with a 10 terrabyte Network Video Recorder.
  • Cambridge Sound Masking Technology which provides cost effective ceiling mount speakers which produce a “white noise” which mirrors the spectrum of the human voice. It does not have to be loud to be effective.
  • The SonicWALL® TZ Series which offers a revolutionary breakthrough with higher performance protection, new redundancy capabilities, comprehensive Anti-Spam integration, application intelligence and control, and other innovations to protect and improve the efficiency of your business.
  • Care Connect by ESCO Technologies is a revolutionary approach to the bundling of telecommunications and TV services to the assisted living/senior housing communities.

The one thing you really need to know about Select Telecom is our goal which is to provide advanced solutions by leveraging the technology of both the equipment manufacturers as well as the network service providers to be the most cost effective alternative to affect profitability and increase client retention. That’s it. If we can’t put money in your pocket or help you keep your customers, then the technology and our expertise is useless. If you’re looking for a solution that means something to your company’s bottem line. Contact us at or call us at 815-282-5151.

Ever notice that when you watch the footage of a convenience store robbery on the evening news the pictures are always so muddy? There are two reasons for that. The first is that it was recorded by an analog camera sometimes referred to a CCTV, closed circuit television. The other reason is that the camera was probably installed in the 1990’s so the technology is ancient; at least by today’s standards.

Now with Hybrid DVR Technology we have the best of both worlds; the ability to use either analog or IP cameras on the same DVR. Analog cameras are inexpensive and perfect for close range video. IP cameras with their high pixilation are best suited for longer distances which require zooming. IP camera can be equipped with IR sensors for night vision and can be installed wirelessly where connection to a Cat5e cable is difficult. Need a panoramic view? No worries!

With DVR’s being commonplace, the pricing has dropped and storage capacity has increased significantly. You can have a cost effective DVR with anywhere from 20-30 days of video storage with the ability to save videos off-site indefinitely. Storage capacity is tied to the size of the hard drive and how many frames per second you wish to record. If only movement is recorded and you adjust sensitivity you will save disk space. Audio can also be recorded in conjunction with the video. The DVR has separate inputs for microphones which can be either stand alone or built in to the surveillance camera.

Placement of the cameras should be wherever you would like to monitor activity. It could be over a cash register, in the shop or outside covering access points to your building.

Viewing can be done from a monitor attached to the DVR or any device with internet access. Playback is simple. The software can be programmed to show movement only. A scan of after hours activity takes a few minutes. Images from the DVR can be exported as .jpg files for archiving.

If you’re considering video and audio surveillance give us a call at 815-282-5151. If you want to upgrade your current system, your cameras will most likely migrate. Free software is available to your smartphone allowing you to view your facility from anywhere. You really will be seeing your world from the palm of your hand.