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When we think of video surveillance we picture the young punk in the hooded sweatshirt waiting in the shadows for the unsuspecting young professional women to walk to her car. Although it’s true that video surveillance will cut down on parking lot purse snatchings, there are other reasons that businesses, both large and small, are implementing, and in many cases, upgrading their video surveillance systems. There are three main reasons.

  1. Theft Prevention. This is the obvious one. If something is stolen, you want to see who took it, when they took it and where they went. With that information, you can notify authorities and can implement procedures to keep it from recurring.
  2. Litigation. If someone is hurt or injured on your property, you can be sued. Depending on the nature of the incident and your company’s financial health, the settlement could be in the millions of dollars. Video surveillance can monitor the forklift driver, the punch press operator and even the pizza delivery person in your parking lot. If there were an accident you can help determine if it’s your company’s responsibility, someone else’s carelessness or their intent to commit fraud.
  3. Employee Productivity. Monitoring inside your facility will verify shifts starting and ending on time, smoke breaks not running over and may even make the water cooler the last place to hide. If your employees are somewhat feisty in nature, audio surveillance combined with video surveillance in the breakrooms will answer the age old question of who started it. 

The more thought that you give it, the more reasons there are to invest in a video surveillance system. The varieties of cameras are endless; inexpensive analog devices, IP cameras that are never out of focus, 180 degree units, employee recognition at 100 yards, infra-red, wireless; the list goes on.

As for recording and playback, we’ll save that for another day. In the meantime, if you’d like to see how video and audio surveillance can help your company by reducing theft, shielding you from litigation and increasing employee productivity, contact us at or call us at 815-282-5151. We’ll show you how we have helped companies like yours keep an eye on their bottom line.